October Cannabis Re-Up!

The Re-Up

Friday, October 27th, 2023





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The Cannabis!

Transacting my monthly re-up, I spent 100$ each on concentrates, cartridges, and pre-rolls + a little extra on edibles.

First, some BEAUTIFUL Live Rosin Strawberry Jam -sorry, lost the bag for- that came in at quite a HIGH THC Potentiality:

What a beauty!

Produced by 'Sauce Rosin Labs', this hang-dried hand-trimmed and cured cannabis is hash rosin-pressed to a beautiful liquid-ey consistency - perfect for coating my Full Spectrum Resins with!

Next, I picked up something to complement the jam -

Some full spectrum Terra Labs Live Resin!

Freshly packaged,

This hang dried, hand trimmed and cured full-spectrum craft hydrocarbon extracted resin is just as 'ooey gooey' as the Strawberry Rosin Jam - a perfect mix, and a great combination of the two!

With the addition of my other resins and diamonds, my dabs are something to be feared!

The Hash!

Picking up some complementary hash to the resins, I decided on some Marrakesh Haschish!

This hash, from Community, comes in at a whopping 33.3% THC!

And looks well worth it!

The Cartridges

I decided on the BoxHot Nitro - Cruise Control 2g half-and-half 2:1 CBG:THC vaporizer,

Mainly for the sativa-CBG happy effects, and coming with an amazing flavour and no back of throat distillate cough due to natural terpenes!

Next was the No Future Cherry Zlsuhsie hybrid 80% THC 1.2G vape,

With a very flavourful hit, this one was another one of my favourites!

Next, the pre-rolls!


I sadly lost the container for my favourite, but the first smoke was a Peach Crescendo Oil Infused pre-roll by Countryside - and by was it tasty!

These ones, I've yet to try :D

1: Dogg Lbs, Snoop's New Brand - Cryptic Chronic blunt coming in at 26.7% THC, 32% cannabinoids, and 1.4% terpenes;

2: Sherbinski's Caviar Live Resin Oil Infused* - one word: exciting: especially the fact that this is completely craft to the finest of quality cannabis - Orange Sherbs:

3: The beautiful Nugz Wrapped Blunt - Galactic Rntz x Phenotype #30, a new strain - coming in at 23.3% THC but having almost 3% terpenes. I'm excited;

4: Shred-X Tropic Thunder Heavies - Diamond and Distillate Infused Pre-Rolls coming in at 44.7% THC with a tropical-citrusy aroma with its' prominent terpenes:

5: Blue Raspberry 6.12% Terpene Tasty's in a 3×0.5g pack, coming in at a whopping 50%THC from its' oil infusion:

6: BoxHot's Bubba Fruit Duties - 3×0.5g Kief-Xoated and Oil Infused pre-rolls with terpenes exhibiting fruity, tropical, and pineapple'y' aromas:

Packaged fresh, these came in at 38.5% THC!

Onwards! And lastly!

The Flower!

Not gonna crack it just yet; will post pictures when I do, but these are what I grabbed:

1: AAAA: Craft, Certified Organic and Locally Grown Treehugger' Organic Sweet Fuel OG:

Coming in at 28.3% THC and freshly packaged, the dominant terpenes on this strain are Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene with a rather large amount of CBG, at almost 2.2% CBG:

The smoke on this was gassy and skunky,

Before flash

After flash

And the nugs were very sticky too!

Up close and personal

2: AAA: Hwy 8 Cannabis' Colossal Pineapple, picked up mainly for it's high terpenes - sitting at 2.933% Terpenes, and, of the dominant ones Ocimene (1.715%) and d-Limomene (0.256%), Ocimene really sticks out for its' uniqueness in the sense that it is not normally found in flower - hence my pickup!-

Coming in at 24% THC, this flower was a very nice smooth hybrid-sativa smoke!

3: AA: Lastly, I picked up a budget buy by Lahoja, under 5Points Cannabis that was still quality -Pink Slurricane- with an absurd amount of terpenes -4.47% Terps! [Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Selina, {intriguing} and Myrcene]- coming in at 29.9, or 30%THC!

This stuff packed a punch!

It's hard to tell the hints of purple,

But I got some great shots!

What a good buy!

That's it that's all!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow bloggers - the best of days! 🍻

Stay safe, stay well eveeveryone

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