Canna-Culture: Live Resin!


Today I picked up some concentrate from the local dispo!

Excited to indulge, I rushed back with my bounty!

Roilty: "Priest's Punch" and "Purple Berry" Live Resin {1g}


The resin comes in at 71.54% THC [<2.5mg/g CBD] for the Priest's Punch; and 73.31% THC [<2.5mg/g CBD] for the Purple Berry; both very high with also wicked terpene levels!

Priest's Punch

Terpenes - 6.981%: Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Beta-Myrcene

Purple Berry

Terpenes - 9.582%: Alpha-Bisabolol, and Beta-Caryophyllene

Tasting purely incredible smoking through my Nectar collector - both of these live resins left a terpy aroma to my exhale. The Purple Berry taste was similar to a grape candy and I absolutely loved the grape and diesel undertones that the Priest's Punch had hiding behind it's fist!

Rack and dried then hand-trimmed, this fresh flash frozen flower was grown outdoors and BHO-extracted in Lowbanks, ON!

Roil Purple Berry

Opening up my containers, I was getting excited...

The Roil Purple Berry smelt so much like grapes!

The live resin was very gooey - an indica-leaning strain,

This beautiful cross of Purple Panty Dropper x Blueberry x Razzle Berry definitely delivers a hit, reminiscent of all its' lineage!


Priest's Punch

Onward, I opened my final container...

This one, also smelling ironically like purple, had a very grape-diesel exhale!

A heavy-hitting but also smooth indica,

This strain has lineage tracing back Granddaddy Purple, and is a definite must try for anyone finding it in it's 1gram format as well!


Overall, this two pack is a definite must buy for any Concentrate Conosseur - the terpenes are incredible, the THC is heavy, and the lineage boasts one heck of an array of effects - from creativity, pain management, and anxiety to stress, depression and insomnia; this pack delivers it all!

Thanks for reading!

- Trezzahn

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