KIND Winter CannaCulture Cannabis Event!

Hello and Good Day All!

Over the past several days, I have been attending a miraculous cannabis festival located in Toronto, ON CA!

KIND Winter Cannabis Fest!

It was much more than I bargained for!


I got some apparel, two hats: one, a toque -top right-, and two, a hat, top left and some bags; WeedMe books, handouts and product guides, as well as handouts from TGOD, Highly Dutch, Ontario Micro Growers, Pure SunFarm, Pearls, and Good Supply to name a few; paerphanelhia like papers, tips, batteries lighters and other knicknacks, and ultimately some merchandise - like a WeedMe pen and some stickers, pins and doo-hickeys!

I began opening up, starting with:

Papers, Lighters, Paerphanelia, and Vape Batteries...


Excited to try the new Papa's Herb battery pen and papers the most :D


Edibles, Consumables and Topicals!


  • I was looking forward to the Delta-8 THC Gummies by Sunshower! Definitely curious how that *cannabinoids will hit me!

  • I've tried the Pearls - they're amazing! **8/10! **

  • Haven't had the Glitches - Pineapple Coconut by Aurora Drift - looking forward to e'm!

  • Trying the HoT Lemon Ginger Drink just for a smooth terpene finish because that is exactly what everyone I know has been saying, hah!..

  • The TeaPot Iced Tea looks decent. Haven't heard of them really, will definitely give them a try!

  • Lastly, the FreshDayly toothpaste appears to work with enamel protection while cleaning your whole mouth - looking forward to daily use of this!



  • I grabbed the brand new Hybrid Grease Bucket Live Hash {Flash Frozen} Crm Brlé* from Sauce's Rosin Labs;

Excited for this, I snagged a few pictures of the sauce!


"Ouuuuu" goes me
Similar consistency to a budder/sugar, but a little less crystalline, this sauce will be great in my Kolab232-Series Live Vaporizer as well as to top off my bowls!

With 680.2mg/g THC and 6mg/g CBD, this hybrid live hash Crm Brlé extract is derived from fresh frozen hang dried and hand trimmed cannabis hash grown with a 5 Star Rating!




  • Starting off, we got 3.5g of, - although personally not my favourite, but'ttt I'll give it a try -, a Lemon Kush hybrid by Tweed, coming in at 21.9% THC, 219mg/g and 0.1% CBD, 0.05/0.01mg/g active cannabinoids.

  • From Ontario Micro Grower's, I got three different strains, all 1g each and grown by F!NE;

Devil Driver, Indica; this one, I've heard things about potency....looking forward to it!
Tang Breath, Hybrid, a high terpene profile to this one I've heard, and;
Sour Bananas, Sativa; this one had an aroma as if I was just opening up a fresh banana, it was phenomenal!

  • And the best for last - I got a ton of Ouest samples! 5×bags of 1g each = 5 × 1g = 5g Flower; I've tried their Platinum, but this is new to me!

I chose Grandpa's Stash - a Sativa Dominant, High-Terpene {Above 3%! } heavy-hitting reminescent bud with a nostalgic smell and taste, and woodsy aroma that can't be missed!
Sitting at 30.25%ea THC, and with Terps above 4%< sitting at 4.322%, this is definitely a strain not to disappoint!



I got a ton of pre-roll's while out and about! Two of them were opened and tried already (in the picture), and they were fricken phenomenal.

Starting from top left down, then top right down, we have;

  • Tantalus: Unknown what strain this one is, but the beautiful doobtube makes me think it's gonna be decent - Tantalus always is! I believe he said it was a hybrid...
  • WeedMe: Diamond District 42% THC Sativa - had a few puffs of this one and had to put it out till later! Definitely gave me energy to finish the event and had a nice energetic smoke for later on! High Terps and good-quality flower ensured a smooth, tasty, and aromatic smoke from WeedMe! 9/10!
  • Good Supply: Jean Guy 22.6% THC Sativa - a classic smoke with some tasty Terps in the profile, this pre-roll was always a classic bargain-buy for me back in the day, and I remember why! Great pricing for a half decent smoke! 6/10!
  • Carmel: Animal Face Non-Infused Sativa-Dominant Hybrid - having smoked the infused Animal Face pre-roll just previously to getting this, I was excited. As I'll explain, the infused hit hard, but was insanely flavourful. I've heard amazing things about the Animal Face, and if the Infused was just as enjoyable as it was, albeit potent, I can just imagine how wicked the non-infused will be!
  • Carmel: Animal Face Hash Infused 31.94% THC Sativa-dominant Hybrid pre-roll - this wrap was truly incredible! With an amazing hemp blunt wrap and smooth smoke, the natural Terps truly come out on the inhale with a minty {Animal Mints lineage, interesting profile here} Piney aroma and flavour on the exhale! With a dizzying high almost from the insane potency of this roll, and the incredible buzz that came as an outcome, I'd easily give this pre-roll a **9/10! **
  • Pure Sunfarms: Straight-Cut Jet Fuel Gelato mid 20's% THC Sativa-dominant pre-roll - a classic as well that I've always loved. Haven't tried their new straight cuts, but I'd give their previous a 6/10. Good bang for your buck, but a very gassy and diesel-y Terp profile; a fast head rush and a decent Sativa to wake-up and get going, but not something I'd really get up to go and buy personally - more like something extra and nice to have!

Top right down now:

  • 7Acres: Jack Haze Bubble Hash Ingused 27.9% THC Sativa-dominant pre-roll - one of my favourite strains, sadly by one of my not so favourite companies. However, this one surprised me, and I am not going to complain! Expectedly harsh, the smoke on this surprisingly wasn't, and I enjoyed each exhale, being smooth, getting higher and higher in the hash-clouds with each puff - especially with the bubble hash, there was a class haze taste and aroma coming from the smoke, and I thoroughly enjoyed puffing this from start to finish! 7.5/10!
  • 1964: Organic Romulan mid 20's% THC Indica-dominant pre-roll - reading up on this one, I have very high hopes! Many 10/10's on reviews, and reading up on the terp profile and flavour + aroma, I'm looking forward to a slightly citrusy-pine taste with a smooth exhale, as so many other say; we shall see!
  • Simply Bare Organic: BC Organic Funky Banana mid-high 20's% THC Indica-dominant pre-roll*; I am looking forward to this one the most! A special limited edition batch with high Terps, cannabinoids and potency, I am looking forward to the flavours, aroma and taste of the smoke on this one - I was told it tastes identical to banana! We shall see, woohoo!
  • OhJa: El Jefe Pink mid 20's% THC Indica-dominant pre-roll: a wonderful cross of two of my favourite strains, including two OG Kush lineage strains - Pink Kush and Face Off OG with San-Fernando Valley OG, this pre-roll promises to entice with a natural citrusy terp-profile, but with hints of caramel, vanilla, and nuttiness; something I haven't had the pleasure of tasting in a while! Looking forward to the candy-like taste from this one!
  • The Green Organic Dutchman [TGOD]: Organic Sugar Bush 23-29% THC Sativa-dominant pre-roll; and I'm not gonna lie, it's been literally years, but I have never tried a TGOD product. I don't know why, I've just never been tempted! We shall see what this Sugar Bush does for me - with natural flavourful Terps that are slightly spicy and citrusy, this strain has amazing reviews online and, apparently, tastes identical to its' name! I'm looking forward to it, maybe I'll be buying TGOD more in the future?

And lastly, one of my all time favourites...

  • The Loud Plug: Banana Havana 27.9% THC Sativa-dominant hybrid banana-hemp paper-rolled pre-roll; another incredible blunt from an amazing company, I tried one of the 2 × 0.75g blunts and have to say, My God. That was an incredible smoke!

Smooth as smooth could be;
Slow-burning and easy to not-canoe;
Natural Terps = a natural flavour + banana-flavoured hemp-roll = a banana taste, aroma, and exhale;
High quality cannabis, hang dried and hand trimmed in small batch from high THC Bud
What more could one ask for? So far, this would be my 10/10 for this trip!

But, anywho y'all, aside from the other smaller things, I received,

Hats, toques,
Stickers, pins,
Papers, flyers, hang-ups, and displays;

It was an incredible trip!

Thanks to KIND Winter Fest - Toronto, ON, Canada!

And thanks to all of you for checking me out!

Stay safe, stay well everyone!

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