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Hey Y'all!


It's almost another month...

And soon to be another re-up!

For now though, let's just grab some flower to get us through...

This time, I re-upped and am reviewing an indica-hybrid!

Any opinions or suggestions on future purchases would be great!

I appreciate all input :)

Gas Face!


WeedReleaf's - 472: Gas Face - Face Mints x {Biscotti x Sherbert} Indica-Hybrid, 3.5g Dried Flower


This flower, inheriting the Cannibigerol effects of mild CBG lineage, as well as producing a classic high from THC, definitely was worth the 20$CAD I paid for a HQ!


Sitting at 33.4% THC with 300mg/g+ THC, and up to 1%% CBG (0.01mg/g+), this Indica-Hybrid Gas Face dried flower smokes amazingly smooth, with a classic diesel taste and a tar-like flavour. Smoking this flower really helped uplift me after an exhausting afternoon!


Feeling humbled and content, this strain definitely made me happy, and would be great to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and migraines, among others, offering a host of other mental calming benefits!


Hang-dried and Hand-trimmed, this dried flower derives high terpenes and high THC + CBG cannabis; the cannabinoids and natural terpenes are ultimately dominantly preserved.


High in Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, this dried flower, with high levels of THC and CBG, helped with my anxiety and stress, calming down my hyperactive mind!


Thanks for checking me out!

Stay safe, stay well everyone!

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