Canna-Culture - V.3!

Hey Y'all!


It's another month...

And that means another re-up!

This week, it's live resin, vape cartridges, and some fire flower!

Any opinions or suggestions on future purchases would be great!

I appreciate all input :)


Firstly, I started off with doing some research this month on what I was buying beforehand, instead of going in half-minded!

I think I got some pretty wicked stuff!


Purple Hills Lake Huron HTFSE {High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract} 1.0g 510 Vaporizer Cartridge

This one was a tasty one!


Sitting at a pleasant 70.9% THC, and with 509.1mg/g, this 510 sativa vape cart hits first with a nice smooth inhale tasting almost like blackberries, and finishing off with almost piney-citrusy aftertones!


CO2 Extracted and derived from fresh frozen live flower, the terpene profile on this cart consists of Alpha-Pinene, Farnasene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Trans-Caryophyllene!


QWEST - RESERVE: Persy Grape Pie Full Spectrum Live Rosin Syrup 0.5g 510 Vaporizer Cartridge

And this one, was the potent one!


Sitting at a hefty - for live rosin syrup! - 74% THC, and with 740.4mg/g THC and 3.9% (39.3mg/g) CBG, this 510 indica vape cart smokes beautifully, with a classic diesel-extract flavour. Puffing this pen really got me going good...


Solventless and derived from full-spectrum strain-specific water hash, the cannabinoids and natural terps are preserved. With high levels of CBG, this cartridge really helped with some calming of the nerves it seemed.


Northbound Cannabis THC Variety Pack: MMSA X ZKTLZ, GLTO X RNTZ, BANANA KUSH X CHERRY DIESEL CBG, CBN, and HIGH CBD 0.5g × 3 510 Vaporizer Cartridge

And this one was a fun multi-pack!



Firstly, with a Sativa-Dominanant Hybrid - MMSA X ZKTLZ, I noticed a very glacial taste and fruity aftertones! Coming in at 77.3% THC and with 2.4mg/g CBD, high CBG and CBGA, this cart had a terpene profile, higher than 7%, that consists of limonene , b-caryophyllene, nerolidol, b-myrcene, and a-pinene!


Next, sitting at 76.9% THC and 2.3mg/g CBD, with high CBDA was an Indica-Dominant Hybrid - GLTO X RNTZ! With a pleasant icecream inhale and a fruity exhale, this one was among my favourites!

The terpene profile, again above 7% of this one consisted of limonene , b-myrcene b-caryophyllene, nerolidol, and geraniol!


Lastly, sitting at 76% THC and 1.8mg/g CBD, this high CBN BANANA KUSH X CHERRY DIESEL genetics cross to create a beautiful diesel-gassy smoke of this wonderful Indica-dominant Hybrid!

With terps above 7%, and dominant terpenes terpinolene, b-caryophyllene, b-myrcene, nerolidol, and d-limonene, this is definitely a smoke to not disappoint!


Hang dried and hand-trimmed with CO2-Winterization extraction and derivation from strain-specific cannabis, the cannabinoids and natural terps are able to be better preserved with the final product, resulting in a high potency, quality distillate cartridge perfect for vaping the way I want!


BLK MKT Pineapple P Cold Cured Live Rosin Badder

I got this one, for my live pen!


Sitting at a wicked 72.62% THC, and containing approximately 6mg/g, 0.6% CBD, the flower is pressed to form hash from fresh frozen live flower, then ice-cold water washed and heated/pressed to cold-cure the live rosin.


Solventless and derived from strain-specific live flower, the cannabinoids and natural terps are also preserved in this high quality live rosin.


With high levels of cannabinoids, the pack on this in my live pen definitely did not disappoint!


Broken Coast Amnesia Haze Live Resin Budder

I got this one also for my live pen!


Sitting at a wicked 76.89% THC, and containing approximately 10.48mg/g, and a staggering CBD content of <7.07mg/g, the potent sativa flower is flash frozen to derive natural canabinoids and preserve unique terpenes.


Derived from strain-specific live flower, natural terps are also preserved in this high quality live resin budder during extraction.


From hang-dried and hand-cut high-quality flower, this wonderful budder mixes beautifully with my other live rosin budder by *BlkMkt in my live pen!



Beurre Blanc Roulé Infused Ice Water Hash Infused × 1g Pre-Roll

A beautifully rolled ice water hash infused pre-roll! What more could one ask for!


This 38% THC 1.5mg/g CBD pre-roll, is an even Hybrid - 50% Sativa 50% Indica cross, between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

Hang-dried and hand-trimmed, with the dominant terpene of Limonene, this high THC and CBG Hybrid strain infused with cold ice water hash, has a very smooth draw with a wicked tip, and contains some hints of citrus and sage/cloves.

A beautiful smoke for a good little investment!

And a special thank you to:

- Cookies Cannabis, 278A Queen St. West, Toronto ON. M5V2A1. CA.


- The Woods Cannabis, A103-5 Montpelier St, Brampton ON. L6Y6H4. CA

Thank you for checking me out!

Stay safe, stay well everyone!

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