My Actifit Report Card: November 13 2022


Sunday, November 13th, 2022


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My Morning -> Afternoon

After a nice sleep in and a hefty, long night, I awoke today around 11am and began working through my regular crypto-routine on-way to get my morning coffee and breakfast!
I started off by checking up on my crypto-apps, - Phoneum, PI, COIN, Step.App, SweatCoin, GoodDollar, HiDollar, FUSE, and the such -, then going through my crypto-dailies, passives, generation, miners, monitors, and faucets; I eventually began reviewing my crypto-economics with CoinCodex, CryptoMarket, and CoinMarketCap, crypto-finances with CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, HodL and CoinTracker, going through my Web3 Dev. with OpenBlox, RunBlox, Sturdy, CertiK, OpenMeta, MelosStudios, and ProjectGalaxy's NFTs, continuing on going over some additional websites including Vimm, LikeTu and WomPlay, and finally finishing off everything with catching up to my crypto-news and read through some on Hive with Ecency and PeakD, economic news with Aliens, BovineVerse, CreatD, Notion, Noble, MDex, and Medium before checking on my Outside+ news, my AllTrails, TrailForks, and Strava trails; my GaiaGPS routes, with all, linking my PinkBike and ActiFit blogs, and ultimately finishing up my morning crypto-routine just before 11:30am!

My Afternoon -> Evening

As afternoon arrived,

I started off my day,

Venturing past Wyndham,

With a little journey around Guelph!

I ventured around,

Finding this beautiful old structure,


Some history along with it!


I found a small river crossing,

And went down along the banks,

To snap some shots!


Past this bridge crossing,

And subsequent river,

Leading to a beautiful trail!

I ventured around,

Snapping some cool shots down here,


Crossing the Guelph* "covered bridge"!

Impressed by some of these decent shots I was getting...

I really need a higher end camera!

I snapped some photos of the water,

And the nearby dam,

Flowing beautifully along,

I crossed!

And with more water surrounding,

I snapped a few more,

Photogenic shots,

Before heading back on the trail,

Being artsy yet again,


Finishing up with this section of trail,


And aged,

Giving this town a true natural beauty!

As I reached the end of the riverside trail,

My phone died and had to switch to my old phone!

I continued along the access trail, passing power antenaes,

Eventually arriving, back in snowy Guelph!

That was fun!

And thoroughly enjoyable!

For the remainder of my afternoon,

I walked around and explored Guelph a little before heading back!

My Evening -> Night

And, eventually arriving back around 6pm, I prepared for a relaxing evening with my series and a nice meal!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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