My Actifit Report Card: July 26 2022

A Day, A Trek!-

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022


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My Morning -> Afternoon

With a wonderful sleep behind me, I awoke full of energy at 9am and soon had a coffee and some breakfast in front of me!
I put on several series' to watch this morning, all from Amazon Prime Video: BBC Select and Smithsonian channels, majorly about Catholic History as well as some British introduction, - The Crusades, and The Real History of England -, and, whilst watching, worked through my daily crypto-routine. Starting with my crypto-apps, - Phoneum, PI, COIN, Step.App, SweatCoin, GoodDollar, HiDollar, FUSE, and the such -, I began working through my additional crypto-dailies, passives, generation, miners, monitors, and faucets.
I checked up on my crypto-economics with CoinCodex, CryptoMarket, and CoinMarketCap; crypto-finances with CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, HodL and CoinTracker, and finished off by checking my budgeting and expenditures for this week.
Catching up on my Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel now, I checked up on my Web3 Dev. with OpenBlox, RunBlox, Sturdy, CertiK, OpenMeta, MelosStudios, and ProjectGalaxy's NFTs, as well as reviewed Vimm, LikeTu and WomPlay; finishing up with my crypto-news on Hive with Ecency and PeakD, next Aliens, BovineVerse, CreatD, Notion, Noble, MDex, and lastly, caught up to some news with Medium!
Last, I put on my YouTube subscriptions and caught up to my Outside+ news, reviewed my AllTrails, TrailForks, and Strava trails, checked my GaiaGPS routes, and linked my PinkBike and ActiFit blogging with all my other sites!
After finishing up my crypto-routine, I checked up on my botany, indoor and outdoor plantings, herbs, gardening, fronr and back yards and hydroponics before preparing for my day just after 11:30am!

As afternoon came around, I spent my afternoon bing-watching Amazon Prime Vide: BBC Select and Smithsonian channels, watching Henry VII: The Winter King, Richard III: The Unseen Story, The War of Roses and Kingdom of Scandal, taking me until about 5pm from which point I went out and enjoyed the fresh air!

My Afternoon -> Evening

As afternoon rolled around, I went out for my short walk!

It was heating up quite a bit!

I lounged around when I got back, enjoying the sun high up above, and fell asleep, having a short little nap in my lawn chair...zzz...until 6pm!

My Evening -> Night

With evening arrived, I went for one more short walk around;

For now I am off to Toronto - to enjoy a great night!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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