My Actifit Report Card: June 15 2022

Heating-Up for the Long-Haul! -


Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Awake after a long sleep around 9:45am, l started off my day this time with checking my daily - 1. Crypto-economics, through CreatD, Notion Noble and Medium, checking up on my Web3 Development on OpenBlox, and my ProjectGalaxy NFTs, OpenMeta, Sturdy and BovineVerse + MEDEX workings, 2. My crypto-economics through CryptoMarket, CoinMarketCap, and Aliens; my Phoneum, PI and COIN apps as well as my crypto-dailies, passives, generation, miners, monitors and faucets., and lastly, 3. I worked through my daily budgeting with HodL, CoinGecko and CryptoPanic.
Finishing up my morning routine, I checked up on my Melos, Pixie postings, and my daily TrailForks and Strava route/trail upload, and finally my PinkBike blog and photos yesterday hiking [found below].
Ready by 11am, I worked through my hydroponics, herbs, in and outdoor gardens, front and back yards, and botany, before preparing for my day and finishing up my ritual!

Yesterday Night

Enjoying my cycle home, I took note of an amazing sight!

For pictures could not do this insanely bright moon justice!

Shining up the whole sky in all its' entirety!

My Afternoon -> Evening

Deciding on what to do for the afternoon,

I headed out for a beautiful bike ride,

One, starting off in Glen Erin-Erin Mills,

I traveled down the path,

Snapping shots along the way,

And heading down Truscott,

Eventually reaching the water,

And Port Credit shortly following!

I headed through the trails following,

Winding around the path,

And passing the Adamson Estate,

I continued along to the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail,

And began cycling up the trail,

Passing atop the entry bridge,

And passing the pristine untouched water nearby,

Reaching a beautiful side of the Lake,

And continuing biking,

I traveled along,

Reaching the Toronto Trailhead!

I traveled through the forest,

Passing the nearby floodplain,

And entering the city of Toronto!

I passed atop more pristine waters,

And approached several parks,

Heading through,

And reaching,

A beautiful view of the city from afar!

I headed onto the road,

Heading through Mimico,

And passing the Midtown border,

I began seeing yachts around the area,

And I continued atop more water,

Passing highrises,

And lakeside landscape,

I reached my next major trail,

And got closer to Midtown!

With Toronto getting closer and closer,

I headed over the Humber Bay bridge,

With a beautiful view of the downtown!

I continued along,

Passing the lake again on my east,

And several outbuildings,

With beautiful artwork to top it off!

Cycling through exhibition,

I approached the CNE Grounds,

Passing Ontario Place nearby,

And the Molson Ampitheatre!

I continued on the trail,

Passing by more docks,

And eventually reaching,

Downtown Toronto!

I continued on my way,

Passing the downtown Rogers Centre and CN Tower,

And reaching the downtown Financial District,

I finished off my trek,

Cycling around downtown,

I finished off my day,

By circling back around to Exhibition Place,

Passing the Exhibition Grounds,

And heading on way back!

For today had been chock full of long adventures!

A long day full of adventurous biking,

Sure tired me out!

What a long ride there and back!

My Evening -> Night

And after a very long day and a relaxing evening, I threw together my daily blog as well as my TrailForks, Strava and GaiaGPS routes and trails, and PinkBike blog and then prepared for bed shortly following.

As today had been exhausting, but a well-rounded day!

I look forward to what tomorrow has in store!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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