My Actifit Report Card: June 13 2022

A Relaxed Monday -

Monday, June 13th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Having a wonderful sleep until 9am, I woke up to my morning show, Below Deck - Sailing Yacht on Amazon Prime Video: HaYu, Season Three, working through my crypto-dailies, passives, generations, miners, monitors and daily-work, checking up on my crypto-economics through CryptoMarket and CoinMarketCap, and crypto-finances through CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, and HodL.
I checked up on my crypto-budget, as well as my Web3 development with OpenBlox and my ProjectGalaxy NFT's, and my crypto-news with CreatD, Notion, Noble, Medium and Aliens.
Finally, finishing up my show, I went through my emails, Ecency, Pixie and Outside+ TrailForks and Strava trails, PinkBike route blogging, GaiaGPS mapping and went over my magazine subscriptions.
After readying up, I worked on my hydroponics, botany, in and outdoor garden, herbs, and front and back yards, finishing my morning routine all around 12p, noon!

My Afternoon -> Evening

As afternoon rolled around, I worked through some weekly-budgeting on my phone and prep for the week.

I caught up on my YouTube subscriptions, Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel, and watched some more of my Amazon Prime Video: HaYi series, Below Deck - Sailing Yacht, 2/3rd of the way through my Season Three catch up - and with one more season remaining after this of Below Deck - Down Under, I will have watched 19 seasons of the show - !

Around 3pm I decided on a bike ride to Osprey Marsh, and upon arriving, locked up my bike and went for a walk around the marsh, plotting my route on TrailForks and Strava, uploading to GaiaGPS, and writing up my PinkBike hiking and ActiFit daily blog.

The bike ride was beautiful - no wind and 85° out,

I went over the Winston Churchill overpass,

And enjoyed the venture to the marsh!

Osprey Marsh

Arriving around 3:15pm,

I began my walk.

Starting off in the north end of the marsh,

I ventured down the main trail southward,

Eventually turning westward and heading down the straightaway,

Passing the waterways,

And snapping a few shots along my way!

Trying to be artsy,

I eventually headed through the forest,

Turning northward again,

And passing by the canal,

Past the south entrance,


And eventually ending up walking back eastward,

Through the marsh,

And winding paths,

Ending up again where I started, and uploading my new route!

After doing so, I ventured to the side trail,

And found my way to the centre of the marsh,

Snapping several pictures along my way,

And enjoying my days adventure,

Heading back shortly after!

My Evening -> Night

Home by early evening around 4pm, I worked through my TrailForks and Strava trail and route postings, as well as my PinkBike blog postings for the day!

Taking me to about 5pm, I made some dinner shortly after and sat back to some episodes of my TV series!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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