My Actifit Report Card: June 10 2022

Last Night's Hike and an Evening to Work! -

Friday, June 10th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Waking today around 9am, I prepared my television series, Season Two of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht on Amazon Prime Video - HaYu to watch with my breakfast and coffee, of which I readied myself promptly upon rising.
Working through my crypto dailies, I powered through my dailies, passives, generators, miners and monitors before checking up on my crypto-finances through CryptoPanic and CoinGecko, as well as my economics through CryptoMarket and CoinMarketCap, and my budgeting.
I finished up by checking up on my Web3 development on OpenBlox and ProjectGalaxy, as well as my news through CreatD, Notion, and Medium.
I finally checked up on my Pixie, Ecency blogging, and Phoneum, PI and Coin applications, finishing up with my TrailForks, Strava, Gaia GPS and PinkBike blogging before getting myself ready for the day just after 11am.
I checked up on my hydroponics, in and outdoor gardens, front and back yard, herbs and botany before preparing to go for a walk around noon!

Last Night

Deciding on a short evening walk as the wicked thunderstorm passed by,

I headed on way around Windwood Park and Windwood Trail,

Passing over Glen Erin Dr,

Arriving on set at the Muskoka scene along the Lake Wabukayne trailhead,

And eventually, Lake Wabukayne.

I traveled down Lake Wabukayne trail,

Eventually reaching Lake Wabukayne dam,

And enjoying all the scenery as I hiked around!

I passed the nearby ferns lining the banks of the water,

And eventually the aged Wabukayne tree,

I was loving the scenery above me!

For when I passed back over Glen Erin,

The sunset was a perfect finish to a beautiful evening hike!

I'd say that was worthwhile!

My Afternoon -> Evening

And after a good morning, I headed on way to my 4pm work shift,

Biking through the trails,

I passed forests and eventually,

Reached my final destination!

My Evening -> Night

With evening arriving, I worked through my shift, enjoying my night as it approached and being extra productive today!

Going on a break, I went for a short walk around the nearby pond and finished up my evening writings.

For today had been a wonderful day with a good shift at work!

I look forward to this weekend!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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