My Actifit Report Card: May 10 2022

A Sunny and Enjoyable Tuesday! -

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and the sounds of birds chirping, I jumped out of bed and went right to the backyard to smell and feel the fresh air.
It was around 8:30am, so I fixed myself some breakfast and a cup of coffee to watch with season six of my show Below Deck on Amazon Prime Video: HaYu, caught up to the Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel, and watched up to my most recent of my YouTube subscriptions!
Around 10am, I checked up on my in and out-door gardens, front and back gardens, indoor herbs and plantings, botany, and hydroponics, before working through my crypto-expenses, economics, and finances, as well as my generators, passives, dailies, faucets, and miners.
Later, as noon approached, I got myself ready for the day and for another bike excursion!

My Afternoon -> Evening

Heading out, I first went down Plowman's Trail,

And through Settler's Green,

Until I reached the beautiful,

Lake Aquitaine!

I biked through Maplewood Forest,

And eventually over the 407 Brampton-Mississauga border,

Finding this beautiful abandoned house along my way down Mississauga Road,

And exploring it,

Admiring the beautiful kitchen and woodwork,

This bathroom was a little smashed to pieces though!

Other parts of the house were in pristine condition!

Like the bedrooms, and living room!

Downstairs I went,

And to finish off this little venture, I found this piece of vintage!

Continuing on, I headed back from whence I came and stumbled across another old favourite,

Sadly not open, I started my bike trail,

And followed the power lines onward.

Reaching the river-run, a beaver had visibly taken out this tree,

And so I continued on this thin trail,

Past the remaining power lines,

And into Totorodeca Forest!

I found this fungi growth early on,

And followed this back trail to a side trail connector,

Finding this beautiful Trillium along the way!

This side trail continued along the river side now,

And so I decidedly took another back trail directly west of me,

To circle back past further power lines and the highway edge,

And reach the river crossing along the side trail!

I crossed this unique pathway with my bike,

And looked behind at what I completed once up the other side!

I continued along the side trail to this main trail split now,

And this finally took me to the end of my forest adventure!

Thoroughly enjoying myself, I recorded my ride on #Trailforks,

And synced it to #Strava.

Good ride!

I headed back,

Through Maplewood Forest again,

And back past Lake Aquitaine!

I passed this adorable family of geese,

Eventually passing Lake Wabukayne,

And arriving back!

My Evening -> Night

Finishing up my night, I threw together my blog, caught up to my YouTube subscriptions, watched the Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel, and posted my daily Pixie!

Taking me to about 8pm, my evening was nearly complete and I began readying myself for bed.

For today was a wonderful adventure; and I'm looking forward to tomorrows!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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