My Actifit Report Card: January 12 2022

A Pleasant Journey and a Great Shift! -

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Wednesday January 12th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

I awoke this morning to a surprising knock at the door from a friendly amazon delivery driver delivering a package for me!
Throwing some coffee on to brew, I quickly ran downstairs to see what I think it was...

  • Optimal for use with my isolations I plan on doing soon!
Onward, I grabbed my coffee and headed downstairs. For it was 5am and I had an early 9:30am shift at s 2hr bus ride away location. Fun! So, watching only a bit of YouTube and finishing off what I didn't last night of my crypto-generation, passives, economics and morning finances, I headed to get ready at around 6:15am.
Taking care of my botany and hydroponics + indoor garden first however, I quickly checked up on everything to make sure things were ship-shape, and I was our the door, on my way to work by 7am!

Traveling, I hit several stops along my trek,

And got a nice view of the city once I hit Dixie Station!

And arriving at my stop, I walked the remainder of the way;

Well...I was intending to walk the rest of the way, until the bridge I needed to cross was half in the water and the entire area cordoned off. The recent storm must've done some damage! Lovely. Now a 20 minute walk back to Dixie to hopefully catch two busses that get me to work on time! Ahhhhh!

My Afternoon -> Evening

And with the early afternoon shift complete,

I headed up to get my CoVid-19 Booster Shot,

At a beautiful convention centre!

And then eventually, headed home!

My Evening -> Night

And by the time I reached the homestead it was near nightfall.

I made a quick run to the local pharmacy to pickup some isopropyl alcohol,

And upon arrival back, did some cleaning of my new petri dishes to prep for agar pouring tomorrow!

Sanitizing and sterilizing with 99% Isopropyl and clorox.

For today was a long day and a long rest I know is ahead!

But a decent and productive one at that.

To more days like it 👍

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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