My Actifit Report Card: January 8 2022

An Easy Morning and Hiking Sixteen Mile Creek! -

My Daily Adventures;

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Waking early around 6am, and having done the majority of my crypto-finances, work, and economics last night before bed, I woke up to a clear mind and a happy vibe.
And so, I headed up for my morning coffee and to take care of my botany and indoor garden herbs, as well as my hydroponics.
Coffee at the ready, I watched some YouTube subscriptions and started watching a new one season series on Crave called Sharp Objects - starring Amy Adams, and keeping my attention quite well!
With a few episodes down and it now being 9am, I prepared for my day after finishing some house chores, and got ready for whatever today would bring at me!

Ready for 9am, I was out the door by 10, for I had motivation to do some hiking in Oakville at Sixteen Mile Creek!

I would start at the Dundas and Trafalgar Woods entrance and head south-easterly to Dorval and Speers, eventually reaching Kerr Village!

And so, starting off, I began my journey along the creek, journeying along both the East Bank Trail first, and the West Oak Trail second;

My Afternoon -> Evening

Hitting the path,

Down I traveled,

Reaching the trailhead for East Bank right around noon;

I journeyed forth unto the trail,

Photographing great sights as I traveled along,

And enjoying every second,

That I was able to withhold,

Whilst out on my own adventure.

For the day was cold,

And pictures, less,

The beauty behind the East Bank and West Oak trails was undeniable,

And the connections between the trails, showcased hidden beauty,

Otherwise not seen if the main trail without the connecting route I took had been taken;

And journeying along I found this fruiting body,

And continued along the northern winding paths alongside some suburbs, reaching the next section of my trail,

Finding this small body of water,

I continued forward, around the winding paths, homes, and ravine -

And with hands freezing,

I traveled the Eastbank-Westoak trail, southside!

I adventured!

For I was feeling ambitious!


And motivated to continue my trek!

So I did!

And as I neared the trail-exit,

I reflected on my enjoyable walk...

As so, reaching the end of this portion of Sixteen Mile Creek, I was happy and satisfied to say the least,

What a pleasant walk;

Nice and timely too :)

And ultimately I began the Dorval walk down to Speers,

And eventually,

Kerr Village, in midtown Oakville;

Enjoying the view;

My Evening -> Night

I took some time visiting a friend and enjoyed myself!

And so, heading back to Mississauga, I reflect on the entirety of my day and its enjoyment.

For who knows what is to come next.

Stay adventurous friends.

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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