My Actifit Report Card: January 6 2022

A Day-Long Hike Around Burlington-Waterdown and an Evening to Relax! -

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Thursday, January 6th, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Up and at em' early, I decided today to be an adventure hike day in Waterdown-Hamilton!
Grabbing a cup of coffee and making a good, healthy breakfast, I worked my hydroponics and indoor botany; plantings and garden, then proceeded to do some crypto-financing and economic budgeting, and get ready to head on my way from Mississauga!

And hitting Oakville's UpTown Core along the way,

I continued onward,

Through Burlington,

To the eventual start of my trail!

The path was beautiful,

And the flowing water,

Even moreso;

Starting Ian Reid Side Trail after passing Rambo Creek,

I began my journey,

Crossing this small bridge-boardwalk,

Around the Kerncliff Valley,

The views were plenty,

As I traveled on my way here,

With tall and ancient towering trees,

And small younger growth,

The valley trail;

It definitely was a slippery slope up!

And climbing these stairs were one heck of a challenge!

But as I reached the top,

I realized,

The hike up was worth it!

And as I viewed the beautiful grassland,

I walked my way down,

Snapping some beautiful shots of the sun,

As I crossed the City View Park border trail,

And lining up with the appropriate trail,

To take me around the Park!

With a beautiful bridge,

And even more beautiful views on either side,

I crossed the west bridge,

Circled back east,

And crossed again from whence I came!

Officially starting my Bruce Trail walk,

I traveled along my way,

Following path after path,

And crossing after crossing,

I continued,

And I glanced up at the flowing water,

And followed this beautiful bridge to the Woodland Trail,

And crossing a second,

I got a side shot as well,

I headed down a small valley,

With several side trails,

And some amazing opportunities for pictures;

I headed back up,

And reached the Red Oak Trail split,

Continuing along my way,

And reaching the connection of all trails at the Bruce intersection;

Eventually leading up,

Higher and higher towards the rocks,

To, an astonishing view of the trail system I would head to next, below;

Heading down the rocks were tricky,

But I made it!

And got a view of the near 300m elevation change,

With the final walkway of the Bruce on this side of the...

KernCliff trail system!

With one last view of this open area,

Aside these massive rocks,

I crossed over King Rd.,

And began the King Sideroad Side Trail;

And got some nice views!

With another Bruce Trail sign,

It was clear I was back on the main trail and headed on my way!

And as I got closer to the end,

I reached this beautiful bridge,

Crossing such, and getting a general idea of where I hiked!

Ending off with hopping over here,

And finally, walking to the Main St, and officially making it downtown Waterdown!

My Afternoon -> Evening

Downtown Waterdown,

And after a short look-see, I checked the way home and found it first would take an hour walk east! No busses come here for a while!

Well, at least I can meditate with my music as I walk east...

All is well...

And as I approach the border straddling Hamilton-Wentworth and Burlington, with Hamilton seen in the distance, I cross the 403

And eventually reach Aldershot Station, where I begin my 2.5 hour long journey back to Mississauga!

My Evening -> Night

And with eve falling, I journeyed forth, past the 407 GO in Burlington,

Past the Uptown Core in Oakville;

Admiring the buildings seen prior,

And eventually arriving back in Mississauga around 6:30pm!

Throwing together my blog, fixing up my pictures and uploading, backing up such, and then throwing together some dinner took up the remainder of my night.

Feeling at bliss and ease after a long day, I happily put my phone down and set my mind at rest.

For today was a great day. Shall we see what tomorrow holds?

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻



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