My Actifit Report Card: October 9 2021

A Busy Day Keeping Quiet and Indoors:

My Daily Adventures;

Saturday, October 9th, 2021 -

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I began my morning, tired after my enjoyable night and got ready as per my usual, working on some crypto-finances with saving the work for later, and I prepared my day with my morning ritual.
By 10am, I headed out to grab some breakfast and a nice coffee from the pleasant spot down the street to wake up, then headed back on my way.
Working on my crypto-generation, passives and work upon arriving back, I had a short catch-up nap from 11:30-2:30pm.
After a final catchup to yesterday, today and a bit of tomorrow, I got ready for Thanksgiving as I headed out to the mall to pickup some dinner for later and get some shopping with maybe some deals done!

By now it was close to 4pm and I had arrived at the mall to do my shopping.
  • Sticking around until about 5:30pm, I headed back with dinner, dome new clothing, and a smile on my shoulders :)

With keeping my day busy, not much was done other than my regular routine and spending time around family and close friends.

This is a time to give thanks. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Cheers to yet another good one everyone, and to tomorrows, all fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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