My Actifit Report Card: October 8 2021

A Busy Morning and a Rainy Evening:

My Daily Adventures;

Friday, October 8th, 2021 -

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I began may day with a strange routine today; having woke up originally at 4am, I watched two episodes of my new show The Knick and an hour and a bit of YouTube.
  • I watered the garden before sunrise and took care of my plants, botany, and hydroponics. It was around 6am at this time and I decided to catch a little sleep before my day began.
Waking up again around 8am, I headed upstairs with a bit more energy and made some coffee and breakfast. Yum. Quiche :)
Heading downstairs to eat and enjoy my morning cup of coffee, I finished my weekly crypto-finances, generation and passives, and weekly savings and investments review.
  • I am quite pleased with this weeks!
By now it was around 9am and I headed on way for a, hopefully final, plastic surgeon checkup on my left hand and that damage sustained to my pinky and left finger a month and a half ago.

Arriving for my appointment at 10am on time, I was happy to hear that, even though gripping and feeling due to neuropathy may never cause feeling to come back in my pinky, at least I still have flexibility of the tendon due to its very fragile connection to my other damaged finger. This may sound terrible, but this essentially means that a prosthetic will not be necessary!
I headed on my way after this appointment and left the busy area;

Off to my next dental appointment for 11:30, I headed on my way, arriving for just past 1, finishing up near 2.

After a busy morning, I finally got back around 3,

And so, could officially start the fun part of my day!

I began my bussing adventure to Kitchener,

The journey was long and full of suburbia,

With highway passes grand and tall!

The city just sprawled out so much,

And eventually passing the Prime Outlets and Milton,

I pushed onward, through Campbellville" to Badenoch-Craff - Puslinch-Morriston-Aberfoyle; if only the sky wasn't so ugly today...

Finally, I arrived just past Galt-Preston-Hespeler, Cambridge, after passing through Little Lake - Barber's Beach,

I continued through the slim corridor and made my way to Kitchener, one of the tri-cities (population approximately 1 million)!

I finished off my journey and my day, for it was a great one.

Cheers to yet another good one everyone, and to tomorrows, all fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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