My Actifit Report Card: October 5 2021

A Pleasant Afternoon and an Adventerous Eve:

My Daily Adventures;

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 -

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I awoke relatively late today after staying up and finishing the majority of my television series The Tudor's. Leaving the last episode to watch this morning with breakfast, I hopppd out of bed, finished my morning routine, ritual, chores and such, and then made some munch and a cup of Joe! I headed on down and began the Series Finale of my show. It was damn impressive!
Onward, I took care of my yard and lawn; doing some raking and cleaning of my plants; then took care of my daily hydroponics, botany and plants.

After getting ready, I sat around and finished up with my cryoto-finances, work, and crypto-generation, and finished getting ready just after 11am.

Finishing my type up for my evening #TheHerbalHive , I tagged such as well as possible as I believe such to be a good post, and I prepared to post this for later on, finishing around noon.

Decidedly, I went for a short walk as I was planning on a longer adventure later.

The foliage was beginning to show;

I went home and decided. I wasn't going to stick around and I was gonna have a great day!

I took a -wee- hefty 3.5g dose of Colombian Golds and, writing afterwards about such now, may have been a bit much in retrospect.

But, to the adventure!

I began the journey across the regular bridge, passing fields of plenty,

Among the brush, these stood out;

Beautiful and plenty, I gazed a closer look.

I entered the magical forest.

A short leap of faith across this gap led me to where I had desired to go.

I began my journey throughout;

The forest truly was, magical.

Finding a stubby little berry, I continued on,

Along the beaten trail...

The fall sugmacs were of beautiful colour;

The marsh surrounding was captivating. Words could not describe;

And so, when I arrived here,

I sat. And I rested on a log beside this rise.

When I felt ready, I rose, and headed on my beautiful way.

The water was beautiful, and it was amaze to have a stare. Be it so, I headed on my way;

The waterway leading to flowed blue as such beauty.

But, all adventures come to an end. And so the start of my walk back;

Proved to bed mine, as I exited this beautiful environment,

For this, was a beautiful day and I was thankful.

There's a lot to be thankful for.

Cheers to yet another good time y'all. Cheers to tomorrows, all fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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