My Actifit Report Card: October 4 2021

A Gloomy Day With a Positive Outlook:

My Daily Adventures;

Monday, October 4th, 2021 -

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I awoke relatively early today - 4am - and completed my regular routine and regular chores before heading out to do some early raking and cleaning of the yard around 5am.
Taking almost an hour, we have these locust trees that just love to drop thousands of tiny leaves;


https://www.learnaboutnature. com/plants/trees/locust-tree/

Just like so

Sourced: /species/honey-locust/

Will see if I can grab some nice Autumn pictures later!

Working on my crypto-generation, finances, and passives - I made coffee and some breakfast around 6am. Enjoying such, I finished getting ready for my day and watched an episode of my show, finishing off Season Three of The Tudor's.
By 8am the sun was beginning to rise and I watered the yard and took care of my botany and hydroponics.

I worked on about half of one of my weekly postings for #TheHerbalHive and began the outline for another.

Finishing all this just past 11, I finished getting ready and headed out for a rainy walk!

It was a brisk 65° outside; colder with each week now; and green - foliaging to a multitude of different shades. I am to go on a fall walk one of these upcoming days.

Arriving home a little past 2pm, I worked on finishing my outline and my writing for my weekly posting for #TheHerbalHive and planned out the rest of my week writing, attending conservation events and webinars, and adventuring -if the weather clears up-!

By 4pm I was watching the fourth season of The Tudor's, not being able to really stop myself from such because I simply was enjoying it too much!

  • Whipping through 4 episodes, I decided to have a passion flower dose to relax my body and mind for the remainder of the night

I had a nice smoke and laid back to watch my show as I finished typing up this blog.

Today was a great day and I look forward to whatever tomorrow may bring with it!

Cheers to another good day, and to tomorrows, all fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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